taiwan day 2

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day 1.1

from hong kong international airport -> taoyuan international airport

the flight felt like nothing after the 14 hour flight from lax -> hk. i didn’t even get to finish my movie [kiki’s delivery service]. on the on-flight entertainment, there was an album of LiSa and crossing fields was playing so i had that going for me.

i arrived at the cosmos hotel in the zhongzhen district. apparently its right next to the taipei main station so it was really convenient.

here’s my lame attempt at an obligatory elevator mirror selfie.

also; i forgot to mention, the system of underground roads and mtr system was really awesome. it took me at least a couple of times of getting lost before i could use the place efficiently. it was a shame it was probably until the last couple of days before i could get anywhere haha.

in addition, it was hot as fuck. seriously. you don’t appreciate cold showers until you visit that place in the summer.

-so i went to a 7-11 and bought these cool looking drink things. apparently its only in taiwan and i love milk tea to death. i’d like to give a shoutout to my chinese educators giving me the (crappy) ability to understand the cashier lady when she said that buying two of the same ones gives you a discount for the second. awww yiss. you da real mvp laoshi. wandered with my family down in the underground metro to get some food cause we were hungry. ended up not finding the food court until after we ate. it was at some place with a spanish bull fighter beef noodles or something. it was alright but not the best. oh well. cont.

[로열 파이럿츠 Royal Pirates] - 사랑에 빠져(LOVE TOXIC) Music Video (Performance ver)

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this really cheered me up